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  1. Yeah, so true. This girl is written very smart, which I like about her. Thirst really WILL kill you a lot faster than hunger. Hunger takes up to a month or more. Thirst will do it in under a week. Half a week easy.

    It’s why wars were fought over watering holes. It may seem petty, but when there isn’t enough to drink, it’s a big deal. Besides that, every person that got killed off in that war doesn’t need water anymore. It’s why human history was so violent. Food shortage? Water shortage? No problem, start a war, there’ll be enough to go around after a couple hundred people (or thousand) are dead.

    1. Hunger theoretically can take a month to kill you in ideal circumstances, but it would only take a few days to incapacitate you and a week or 2 to kill you, thirst will kill you in roughly 3 or 4 days but it depends on what your doing and the climate

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