3 thoughts on “LWHG Mothers: Solenne & Sonia”

  1. Thanks for looking at the families that your characters come from. It’s great to see the people who helped to shape Sophie, Erika, Ellie, and Artur into the people they are now in the strip.

    With Sophie’s family, I like the contrast between these two sisters. Like you said, Sonia is much more jovial, kind, and gentle when compared to Sophie’s usual toxicity and caustic cynicism toward the world around her.

    Interestingly enough, this is a case of the art imitating life in that we see this happen quite a bit in real families. I’m pretty sure everybody here has run into a family where the siblings are also completely different from one another in personality and temperament that they have asked themselves ‘how in the world can these two people have the same mother?’

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