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  1. To be fair, the Fandoms are one universal bloc. Please one segment and you’ll displease another. The trick is to appease the vast majority to stabilize and grow your sales. The problem is that the biggest complainers tend to be the hipster vocal minority who represent the OPPOSITE of what most people like / want.

    Happy people tend not to go on the internet or post unless they’re fanboys itching to fight anyone who says anything even remotely negative, no matter how constructively and nicely said, or how relevant or even asked for (by the developers) it is.

  2. Problem with fandom is not that they are “spoiled” it is they are not “person” they are “people” you please one, its written law of nature, you will end up making someone else mad, you just simply can’t make every one happy, so you aim for majority and sort od roll with it.

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