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    1. Technically, it is possible, though very unlikly. Like if the wife conceived twice. It’s rare, but it does happen. And, if the conceptions were from different fathers. Another possability is that both parents have a latent gene that manifested in only one of their children. Since some triplets are fraternal, that could be the case.

    2. I think so. Depending if you have some dna of another race in your baggage. Extremely rare though if possible at all.
      I think in this situation he just got cheated on though.

      1. There was a case of this happening a couple of years back, not with triplets, but with a single child. Actress Dinah Shore (who is white) and her husband at the time (who is also white) had a baby who was black and he divorced her on grounds of infidelity. It turns out that there was African blood in her family tree, which her mother knew about, but didn’t tell her.
        Shore would later sue her mother over this.

        Now, I know this happens in cats all the time (due to different fathers) but in humans, I’m not really sure. I mean, we’ve all met twins that look nothing alike, right? We’ve even met twins that are different gender (I went to school with a pair). It might be possible, but I’m not totally sure (I don’t have a doctorate in Genetic Engineering).

        Even still, funny as usual Jago!

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