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  1. I love that.
    I’m not insinuating anything – I’m flat out saying it!

    It’s also nice to Artur take the hit for Sophie. Sophie would’ve killed Megan and the series would be Living With Gamer Girl While Hipster Girl’s in Prison

    1. The thing is, both Erika and Sophie are VERY protective of Artur when Megan shows up. Sophie is just more confrontational than Erika, who tends to be more subtle (like tying his ponytail with her panties before he went computer shopping with Megan once).

      As far as developing goes, you notice Sophie is softening up and becoming less abrasive whereas Erika is maturing and become less childlike. Just look, it’s there, trust me.

    2. So Megan just wears frames with no lenses?
      Heh… I actually knew a guy in high-school who did that. It was rediculous then, too…

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