15 thoughts on “say again??”

  1. Looking through all the comics, I think it’d be more likely that he’d choose Sophie over Erika. It feels like he sees Erika more as a little sister instead of as an individual woman like how he sees Sophie.

    1. Sophie has subtly tried earning his attention at times. Erika does it more often, but not even on impulse, nonchalantly. Erika’s got a woman’s body but a girl’s mind.

  2. My response to the question if I were Arthur:
    It would be impossible to choose between the two.
    Sophie is a warm, loving woman who only lets people she cares about get close enough to show that trait, while keeping others at arm’s length out of a defense mechanism.
    Erika is a gamer, so she’s the type of girl who we can talk about games and popular culture for hours on end, and gaming together is incredibly fun.
    Even without the fact that both are utterly gorgeous, and I would love to have a physical relationship with either of them, I couldn’t choose between the two because I care about both of them equally.

    1. Wait a minute, Sophie is a warm woman? Are you serious?
      Well, Sophie is a sister like character who have a logical brain working pretty well except facing to Apple devices. Erika is a daughter like character. I don’t actually think Erika fall in love with Artur or if she really understand love.
      However, I wife call me “daddy” sometimes. So I think I don’t have the right to judge…

  3. how ever you can see that Erika cares more about Arthur and actually loves him and shows that love with here dolls of him clearly. Also she sneaks out at night just to sleep with him which is really cute and sweat.

  4. She was smiling! She listened to the conversation, asked that Nuclear Bomb of a question and then smiled happily, like what she did wasn’t a social disaster waiting to happen. She’s a tiny Satan is what she is!

    That being said, I wouldn’t be able to choose, no matter which he picks, someone is getting hurt…. 🙁

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