9 thoughts on “Happy mother day english”

  1. some time ago I did a series of LWHG MOMS fanarts on my Devianart, but seeing this now I say, nothing better than seeing it done by the hands of the original artist, continue like this, you are the BEST!
    Ps. if you get time to make a wallpaper with all the LWHG MOMS, know that this will already become my screensaver
    ps2. If my language sounds strange, it’s because this text was made in google translate because I’m Brazilian.

    1. Moseigragic, even using google translate, you “speak” better English than many people who speak it as a native language. So don’t be too stressed out.

      But yes, the mothers are all definitely pleasing to the eye.

  2. Although I noticed Solenne spotting Sophie from behind and using the seduction method to get Sophie to come over, I’m not ruling out the possibility that she actually might want Jack. she is possibly a single mother and would get lonely. so, she would probably do so. Also, I could actually see her as a MILF gong after younger men.

    1. It’s all wins for Solenne. Either she gets Sophie over into the conversation and doing something about locking Artur in for herself, or she gets a genuinely nice young buck for herself. If nothing else, she got a hug out of her non-hugging daughter.

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