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    1. Yes, it’s from an anime called “Spice and Wolf”. I really liked it, and oddly enough very educational. I took 2 semesters of economics in college but I was never as interested in it as I was watching this show; and I understood it better too. It’s not action packed, but I highly recommend it, at least to try and see if you’d like it. The only downside is that the manga goes beyond where the anime ends and there is no signs of it continuing.

      1. They are books originally, and they still haven’t ended (they are twenty volumes until now), there’s even are a sequel called wolf and parchment (don’t look it up if you don’t want spoilers).

        You should check them out if you like the story, it goes even more in detail than the anime and manga.

        1. I messed up, spice and wolf already ended in 2011 with seventeen volumes, wolf and parchment has three volumes released and still ongoing.

          17 + 3 = 20.

  1. Como que ya dejas muy poco a la imaginación. La verdad es que para este tipo de dibujo ya hay doujinshi.
    Lo unico que te alabo es que respetaste las dimensiones y no la volviste un dibujo con balones delante como a la de bioshock.

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