9 comentarios en “Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 329 ENGLISH”

  1. You got adverts on that hijack the current session to sell crap / shovel malware.

    Maybe talk to your marketing partner to knock that off?

    1. Fake flash and Java updates along with something for Chrome. Even with ad blocker turned on since I know this site isn’t picky with it’s ads.

  2. You art is nice but your website gets shittier every time I visit it. I thought it got hacked to be redirecting to some shady websites but no, it turns out these are just your ads. Maybe it’s time to run adblock, it’s better than getting some shit on my computer.

    1. If you find an ad blocker that works on the crap being getting shoved on visitors please post it. Mine doesn’t stop the drive-by attacks. Don’t get any other ads, just the attacks.

      1. Ghostery and (Mu)Block Origin are your friends in this case.

        Kinda sucks we have to use these, but scammers and blackhats find it easier to hit websites outside of major NA / Europe / Asia territories…

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