28 thoughts on “LWHG moms: Hiroko”

  1. ¡chichi,chchi.oppai! ¡boing! ¡boing! ¡chichi,chchi.oppai! ¡boing! ¡boing! moge moge moge (XD) ya enserio solo que decir uuufffffffffff pobre de elly por tener una madre así pero bueno a un así la queremos :3

  2. Muy buena imagen y me gusta mucho mas con lentes cuadrados que redondos, le quedan mejor.

    PD: Espero la de la hermana de sophie, tambien es madre!!

  3. Have you ever made a LWHG that is embarrassed, or a little shamed about doing a position like this? Not trying to add morals or anything, it just feels to me like everyone is a little, well, too happy to show off, and I’d think one who isn’t would be interesting.

    1. Dante armana, jago Is strongly inspired in Latin women, with latin likes, us latins like strong and independent woman, our ideal woman are like this, all shameless and proud of their bodies, That’s how they are and that’s how we like, because of that is weird for latin Americans to draw womens ashamed of their nakedness, can you see it in the comic Condorito, Yayita is very alike Jago’s characters

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