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  1. Is it weird to like the bonus comic more than then the main comic? It’s just fun to see these characters interact with each other like normal friends.

  2. Please do not take me wrong Jago, LWHG is one of my favorite webcomics, but this sexual tension between Arthur and Sophie is becoming very … ..repetitive, to the point that it’s already starting to tire. At first it was very funny to see these two characters feeling attracted to each other, but over the years the same joke (funny as it is) becomes boring. It’s time for Arthur and Sophie to be more than friends.
    Anyway, I will continue reading LWHG even if you decide to continue with the same story indefinitely but maybe not as often as at the beginning.

    1. What about Erika though? And no, don’t expect it to go anywhere closer soon, Sophie is too prude and ashamed, Arthur too shy and frightened (remember their first encounter?).

    2. If they cement their relationship as lovers, the comic would have no further need to continue. It would fall right into sitcom territory.

      I’m thinking it would be best to end the comic when Sophie and Artur get married.

  3. This one had “Faith in men restored” with an awkward vibe tossed in for a laugh.

    I agree with Artur though, what would possess someone to send an unsolicited dick pic? I don’t get it either.

    1. The way the girls treat Artur has done a complete 180. (For some reason my comment from before is just my name, maybe I accidentally got the boxes mixed up or something?)

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