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    1. They already did, under the lettuce leaf that artur holds in a strip of the last Winter. Erika tells (with a picture) that it looks like a mistletoe and kisses him.

  1. i just like how Arthur started barely controling himself around those two to now treat them like sisters or something (even with a little tension now and then) and they started to lose their minds little by little seeing that Arthur is just a nice guy 🙂

    1. THIS!!! Yes, it should happen that way.
      The Creator should continue build the story of there lifes…
      Maybe take a new aproch like a new HOBBY / FEAR (Character do stuff against the fear!) / etc…

      And in the end let the final decison happen when the time is right!

  2. Well…. As much as I wanted that to happen. I only wanted it to happen because that was the story and not because the Internet wants it.
    As much as I want to see them both get arthur 😀
    I don’t want to see a forced reaction.

    Nice try. But I want the real deal, when you are ready and happy with this! Not this… So… I will not count that one.

    I take it as a dream. OR is that canon now? I hope not!

  3. This comic strip is probably the closest thing that Jago will do to please (shut up) the fans and we will probably never see Artur and Sophie as a couple, however, they are characters created by Jago and as the author of LWHG if he decides to indefinitely continue with the current storyline it’s his decision. 🙁

  4. Podrías hacer un bonus para que sopye no se quede con las gamas
    A si y quería decir que me encanta tu arte y el desarrolló de tus personajes

  5. Erika kissing Artur has happened before in the extra strips and is presumably cannon.

    Sophie not wearing the necklace Artur got for her last Valentine’s Day probably makes this scene non-cannon, though. So far I’ve only noticed one flashback scene between then and now when she hasn’t had it on.

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