5 thoughts on “Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 335 english”

  1. Infiltrating a fandom by either walking in or breaking in, making a big deal out of nothing, and demanding it to be banned because they don’t like while other do. Yep. That sums up modern feminism.

  2. I remember what my Mom taught be growing up about feminism, which was apparently what they now call “first-wave.” Almost everyone I knew growing up seemed to accept and expect it as far as I noticed, and it’s how I just expect the world to be.

    I remember in college when a girl who wouldn’t take crap from anybody and had zero inferiority issues or belief of men being superior by gender or any garbage like that vehemently disclaiming being a feminist when I mentioned it in passing, then telling me the definition I’d learned growing up was not feminism. I was just kinda’ baffled.

    Years later, I understand her, and it makes me sad. I really wish it could’ve been left as a good idea that had broad agreement and a new word picked for “third wave” feminism (or whatever wave it is we’re on now).

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