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  1. Actually, this movie is one of the most racist movie I ever see. It is trying to create a stereotype that black people society = tribe no matter how high tech they have.

      1. Create a stereotype of a kind of people is barbarian and deliver this idea to next generation through successful movie series.
        It’s 100% racist in my eye.

          1. I strongly suggest you read this research paper:
            Devine P G. Stereotypes and Prejudice: Their Automatic and Controlled Components[J]. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1989, 56(1): 5-18.
            Then you may understand how stereotypes impact racism.

          2. Chen, I’m afraid you’re missing my point.

            When I’m referring to “racism”, I’m referring to established hatred towards the person or their culture as a result of established or researched stereotypes. I’m NOT saying that Black Panther is NOT stereotypical. What I am saying is that people throw out the word racism and equate it to stereotypes worthy of prejudice driven hatred just because those people and their culture are different. The research paper you provided, while establishes a psychological link between stereotypes and prejudice, is not an arbitrary reflection of wanton hatred. This is why racism and stereotyping need to be mutually exclusive as the definition of the terms had changed since 1989 when the paper was published.

          3. I guess that’s the issue between us. If I didn’t take it wrong, you believe that the emotion “hate” is one key element to build racism. Then the key disagreement between us is the definition of racism where I believe hate is created from racism which impact by stereotypes.
            I am a Chinese, where you probably get that from my name. I am currently witness the anti-black racism creating in China during these 5 years. First it just rumours said black people are more stupid than others. Nothing related to hate. Then rumours about there are 500,000 black people in Guangzhou, which is 0.5% of local population. Still nothing related to hate. Then contemptuous term like “black rubbish” comes out from nowhere. After that some Chinese people starts to against black people without a clear reason. Even fake reasons are not exist. People, a very small number but keep growing, said things like “I am going to behave racist and black people are rubbish.” when people in Guangzhou, the city where is believed to be invaded by huge amount of black people, have no idea how this things happened because we never see a large number of black people in our city at all and the crime rate in our city doesn’t have a clear different. The emotion “hate” shows up AFTER the stereotype created. And this logic make me take behavior that create stereotype is racist behavior.

            Meanwhile, I neither agree to increase number of other race in our city nor agree to decrease the number. The balance of different race is a political problem not a social justice priblem. Just to be clear because I am also laugh at Germany on importing refugees and highly decrease the public safty. The problem never is race but average education rate.

          4. Chen, I can see where you’re coming from by providing me with your first-person example of racism towards black people in your province and from what I’ve read, that racism stems from long-standing rumours regarding the behaviour of black people in general. To be honest, I don’t know if I can legitimately call that pure racist hatred so much so as honest ignorance to the fact over a general frustration by not having personally met the people in question. This stems mainly from an old proverb that states that “correlation is not causation”. This means that just because the people in your province have believed or started rumours relating to black people doesn’t mean that any racial profiling can be juxtaposed from it and may be the result of far deeper issues that could be traced back to political offices.

            For the record, I come from a Ukrainian background and the general stereotype towards our people is that we are jolly acrobats or farmers who wear big moustaches, baggy pants and make lots of perogies. Not all Ukrainians are like that but that’s what western cultures like to portray us as. I get asked around all the time whether I can make perogies for people and I always have to answer “no” as I don’t know the proper procedure. While that makes people disappointed, they don’t hate me or my people either. More of the hate comes from Russians who look upon Ukrainians as traitors to the Slavic heritage but that is more of a historical and cultural schism that has lasted hundreds of years.

            So my point is that while some stereotypes could correlate towards racism and profiling regarding hatred, it isn’t solely derived from it.

    1. YES! OH GOD YES! And notice that they have guns that shoot energy but their default energy weapon is a spear that doesn’t? This was so bad that they corrected it for Avengers: Infinity War. Their spears shoot energy a few times. God their army although high tech and cool would not be able to conquer a God damned thing either. Those cloak shields were great but they weren’t going to do shit for land mines, booby traps, mortars, artillery, chemical weapons, biological weapons, nuclear weapons, napalm. No wonder T’Chaka sold vibranium to teach his people engineering in the west… I MEAN, so that he could spy on foreign governments in Berkeley, CA which is… on the other side of the country… Yeah, the movie sucks because it screws up its own story so spectacularly. But I can’t blame it too much for being racist. Despite the source material being intended to be about black empowerment Wakanda is a nation of people who are only smart because of mutations from radioactive space rock. No, really. Everything about Wakanda is attributed to a radioactive space rock or magic. Black Panther’s power and ability to fight off armies of invaders? Drugs from the Heart Shaped Herb. Intelligence of its people? From the same source as all of the x-gene mutants running around the country. Radioactive space rock. Overall message? Africans can be spectacular human beings… as long as they have magic and a radioactive space rock to mutate them.

      1. The reason I said it is racist is because those characters doesn’t have to build in that way ven though they create good reasons for that.
        Nova don’t have thier helmet because that makes them too cool for not being main characters. Ant man can be an old guy who didn’t punch his wife. Winter soldier can be so fucking gay so some female audiences can be happy. But black people have to be yelling with weird things and half naked and run for a close combat when warmachine kill tons of alien enemies. Sorry but i don’t buy it.

  2. Actually there’s more complaining about sjw’s in these comics, than actual sjw’s complain about anything 😛

    Oh, and BP wasn’t a good movie. The whole premise was interesting, but the writing was lousy to an extreme.

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