11 thoughts on “Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl No. 381 english”

  1. Should have a bonus comic about her asking/telling the girls. Also has Author’s mom met the girls at some point in a comic judging them as possible daughter in laws?

  2. Why go to all this? Just sucker Arthur and the girls into having a couple rounds too many and lock them all up together, even plot armor can’t Trump vodka!

  3. Buenas, para el futuro a lo ultimo es mejor escrito, “I want grandchildren already…”
    Los cómics como siempre te pasas. Gracias de Puerto Rico

  4. I can understand where Carmen is coming from. Authur lives with two beautiful women, has one Actively going after him and another dropping subtitle hints, and he’s not in a relationship with Any of those wonderful ladies. If I were Carmen, I would start to wonder about my son’s sexual preference.

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