10 thoughts on “Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl No. 384 english”

        1. Like, you’ve been through a lot of hardships and at the end of a movie you still haven’t learned anything. Same goes for people who keep voting for the same person and getting fucked in the ass every goddamn time. That’s why I think ‘adversities’ works better. Mistranslation or not, that mistake turned out to give a deeper meaning imo.

          But I might be reading too much into that.

          1. It’s more like the activists in “28 Days Later” releasing the monkey at the virology lab; ignore the many warnings AND common sense, and get people killed.

            It IS a mistranslation, the spanish version is right there, even Google can do that word.

            You’re definitely reading to much into it.

          2. I’m not denying it’s a mistranslation, just pondering whether it’s better off like that or with ‘warning’

    1. You vote for the one make the pain quick and straight.
      As a Chinese, I have to say I kind like Trump. He kill the imagination of those fools in our country that believe USA is not a demon for us, China.

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