14 comentarios en “Jago aventuras por el mundo: UCRANIA parte 1”

  1. Pues si las ucranianas son las mujeres mas bellas del mundo
    Entonces hay que volver a revisar el lugar de origen de las chicas de jago

    Y pues que mas les digo queridos compañeros de la vida

    Según he oído
    A las mujeres aya les gustan los hombres latinos ya que según dicen nosotros somos mas emocionales y románticos que los fríos hombres de por aya.

    Así que ya saben a donde ir a buscar pareja señores

    1. He estado en Ucraina, y les gustan los hombres altos, muy altos (yo mido 1.80 y estaba en el límite) y con ojos azules o claros. Vamos, que los hombres latinos no les gustan especialmente.
      Y si crees que los ucranianos son fríos, es porque no has oído nunca como discuten con sus mujeres. En serio, se les oye gritar desde la calle.

    1. In year 2015. When Ukraine have its civil war. A huge number of Ukraine came to China for survive. They are holding their travel passport. Not able to speak or read Chinese. Some of them don’t even know how to speak English.
      I was work as a pimp for a company when I was been told that is a human resources job. I found customs for these good looking young men and women. Then I realize that I am actually work as a pimp and sell their body for around 1,400 USD per night. And they earn less because they have to pay their “manager”, who understand how to use English and bring them to China, a lot. I quit the job when I realized these. But I can do less for those people. They don’t want to do that. They don’t want to survive. They deserve a life and they can earn it in China if their homeland is not in war.
      You are seeing the beauty there. I saw the crime under it. And I know this may happen again because they are idiot enough to vote an unskilled, leaking of professional knowledge fxxking actor as their new president. And the most horrible thing is, other candidates may be worse.
      What I am trying to say here is get your butts up and go to help your country while you still can. I am sure that you Spaniard willing to live like a tired Chinese who spend most of the effort on building your country a better place than those Ukrainians in 2015 who have to let their mother, their wife, their daughter to get fxxk by those fxxking “Asia monkeys” in their definition.
      Your country need you bro.

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