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    1. That one job is to keep Artur and his roommates at a platonic level while continuing to develop her relationship with him. As they’re next to each other on the couch enjoying a social-like activity while he shares some of his innermost thoughts with her, I think she’s done her job very well.

        1. Exactly; Elly’s giving the thumb’s up of “things are going great with me and Artur” and the other two are giving… sandwich preparation steps? Bedroom position advice? Flagless semaphore? I honestly can’t tell.

  1. Okay, this is getting harem anime levels of ridiculous. I know that this is the whole thing, and it’s comedy, but come on! Let them get together. If it’s about chosing, either let all three of them end up in a polyamorous relationship, or do an online poll.
    The comedy in platonic relationships, and harem anime antics is awesome, but there is so much comedic opportunity in an actual relationship, and we are missing out on those.

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