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  1. Got so used to status abilities being a pointless use of MP compared to raw damage, that it eventually became VERY refreshing when some games began breaking that stereotype. I remember playing one of the Epic Fantasy games, stacking poison effects was one of the best way to kill several bosses! And Grandia 2, I remember the first time I played I barely used any status abilities, buff or debuff. Eventually discovered that all the stat abilities in that game were STRONG! Very strong. More than worth spending a turn on! An attack down ability crippled all but boss enemies. ‘Act up’ was an insane dps gain due to how many extra turns you’d get in the same amount of time before it wore off.

  2. From top to bottom:

    Erika vs Emperor – Final Fantasy II
    Erika vs Cloud of Darkness – Final Fantasy III
    Erika vs Zeromus – Final Fantasy IV


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