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  1. Better question, what will happen if some maniac splashed hot water on female Ranma while she is touching her “special place” will her/his fingers be cut off, will her/his fingers get trapped inside his/her crotch, will his/her hand get fused to his/her crotch? so many questions so many nightmarish possibilities LOL.

    1. Most likely, the whole transformation doesn’t break skin at all meaning any fingers or other unexpected items in baggage area will simply be pushed out as orifices are closed.

        1. Could be.

          Then again, Malletspace is a known phenomenon in-universe, so it *is* plausible that a fetus, such as it is, could be temporarily put on hold there… just like Akane’s giant mallets, or Mousse’s assorted hidden weapons.

  2. It was either stated by the mangaka or even said in the manga that if Ranma got pregnant he would be locked in his female form until the pregnancy was over.

  3. In fact, the author said that she would stay as a woman throughout the pregnancy even when wet with water and also said that she plans that Akane would fall in love with the female version of Ranma but she did not do it because they believed that they would not accept that ending, even if she has a Question what would happen if Artur gets Solenne pregnant ????

    -By zero

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