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  1. Trump did NOT use coup d’etat!
    If you do a coup, you send in trained military professionals, not just some rednecks from the street!
    Let alone, it was a rigged election – but it was USA’s own fault, for having such a ridiculous voting system:
    – no need for ID
    – counting votes with computers (which software’s developer openly supports far-left)
    – voting by mail
    – not allowing non-partisan observers for counting
    – etc.

    1. Agree, I don’t think Jago doesn’t think like Trump, I’ve seen him criticize BLM and the Colombian government, but quite possibly, like many in Latin America, he’s not properly informed.

      1. It’s also possible, like some cartoonists, he’s simply poking fun of politics in general.

        But yes, it was not a coup de’tat. It was a planned and staged riot as part of a smear campaign. Too much evidence of that. Evidence the media has buried. Like Trump supporters trying to stop the “pro-trump” rioters. The media buried such things.

    2. It definitely wasn’t a coup d’etat but there is no hard evidence to prove that the election was rigged. All the evidence you provided was purely circumstantial towards any actual “rigging”.

    3. Shame on you Vipera01!

      Does it trouble you in the least that pretty much every damn thing you wrote in this post is a damned lie?

      Does it bother you at all that there are now FIVE PEOPLE who are DEAD because of these lies?

      I know that jerks like you are immune to facts, but I’m going to reply here in case other people come and read these comments who don’t know the truth, so that they’ll have a chance to learn something.

      “Trump did NOT use coup d’etat!” — this is technically true, but not for the dumb reason you give. It has nothing to do with whether the people doing the action are trained military or not. A large group of rioters with machetes or whatever can certainly perform a coup d’etat.

      The reason that this was not a “coup d’etat” is that the point was not to overthrow the existing government and install a new one, but rather to allow a government which is ALREADY IN PLACE to remain in place even after it no longer has a right to do so (because of, say, LOSING AN ELECTION). The name for that is not a “coup d’etat”, the name for this is an “autogolpe”. Look it up. So no, Trump did not attempt a coup, he attempted an autogolpe.

      You say it was “a rigged election” because of:

      “– no need for ID”: This. is. a. LIE.

      I had a voter ID when I voted, pretty much every state has some form of ID required. The question is whether some states put in EXTRA requirement for special PHOTO IDs which people of certain groups (namely, for the most part, groups that tend to vote for the Democratic party, poorer people, minorities, people living in denser cities) do not have. The people demanding these types of ID (almost universally Republicans) quite consciously make it as difficult as humanly possible for people in those target groups to get them. Use of driver’s licenses are popular, but oh, people who live in dense cities with decent public transport may not own a car, so why would they have a driver license? But then they could just run out and get them, I hear clowns like you cry! But how do they do that, when these requirements are often then also accompanied by CLOSING THE OFFICES where people can get those IDs in the locations that poor people without cars can get to! You don’t have a car — no problem, just drive 10 miles away to the nearest office which is not on any bus route and get one! There are other forms of voter ID, but Republicans universally disallow the kinds of IDs that poorer, urban, and minority populations tend to have: student IDs? DISALLOWED! Public housing IDs? DISALLOWED! But oh, hunting licenses (which are overwhelming owned by rural white people who tend to vote Republican)? Those are JUST FINE AND DANDY!

      “– counting votes with computers (which software’s developer openly supports far-left)” This. Is. A. Lie.

      Although most modern voting machines are computerized (it’s the 21st century, what the hell do you think they’re gonna use, colored stones in buckets??) the ridiculous charges leveled against one of the largest vote machine manufacturers, are fraudulent. The morons like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell claim this company is run by Venezualan strong man Hugo Chavez, except there’s one problem — he has BEEN DEAD FOR 7 YEARS!! They make other false claims that somehow Dominion is connected to another company called Smartmatic, when in fact these companies have no connection and are in fact COMPETITORS in that marketplace! Every audit of the equipment has shown no problems of the type you allege. The only errors early on in the process, before official vote tallying was begun, where some votes were flipped were caught by the system and the problem rectified. I suggest you pay attention to the headlines in the coming weeks because Dominion has now SUED the lying fraudster Sidney Powell, the lunatic who has defamed them in the media for months, for over a BILLION dollars! She is going to be FORCED to present her evidence for her lies in court, and she is going to LOSE, because she HAS NONE! Oh, and she’s gonna get her sorry butt disbarred as well! (Which means she won’t be able to practice as a lawyer anymore, which she deserves, because she’s an insane lying thot!)

      “– voting by mail” ???? So?? What the hell is wrong with voting by mail? Our troops have voted by mail since the goddam CIVIL WAR! You may not have noticed, glued as you are to Donald Trump’s butt, that we’re in the middle of GLOBAL PANDEMIC! Forcing millions of people to all gather together in close quarters for in-person voting would be encouraging a mass super-spreader event! But of course, Donald Trump has no interest in how many Americans DIE (witness the collapse of their botched vaccine rollout even now!), so long as he gets to stay in the White House!

      “– not allowing non-partisan observers for counting” THIS. IS. A. LIE!!

      Every time they have appeared in court and reviewed videos of counting centers, and made this claim, the judge then points out the crowd of people just to the other side of the camera, and asks “Aren’t these the observers you say don’t exist??” And then the Republican liars look down at the floor, scuff their feet, and admit “Well, yeah, but…”

      Every time they have appeared in an actual court and the judge has asked “Are you alleging fraud?” these clowns, including Giuliani, have said “No your honor we’re not alleging specific fraud”. Why do they say this on TV but not in court? Because in court there are standards of EVIDENCE, and when you lie in court, there are penalties (such as being disbarred for LYING)!

      These lying frauds say this crap on TV, on Fox News, on OAN, on Youtube, and all the other right-wing outlets because there is NO PENALTY for lying on those venues! And the only reason they’re lying through their teeth is not to get to the “truth” — it’s because they’re scamming clowns like you for $$$$! Trump has a jillion web ads asking to people to donate to “stop the steal”, which say in very fine print at the bottom that almost NONE of any money donated will go to these election lawsuits — it’s going to pay down Trump’s campaign debts!

      All the people claiming these things are liars, frauds, grifters, hucksters, and CRIMINALS! And I again remind you, FIVE PEOPLE ARE NOW DEAD BECAUSE OF IT!! And morons like you, Vipera01, keep repeating this garbage (which Republican lawmakers themselves ADMIT is NONSENSE, even though they keep supporting it anyway, because it gets them donations and because if they stop the MAGA terrorists may send them death threats), stirring up hate leading to the violence we saw on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

      How vile lying nose-pickings like you sleep at night is a profound mystery to me.

  2. I think Jago aims for topical comedy at times and pokes fun at things in the news and pop culture.

    I think his main bias is towards excuses for drawing sexy women in interesting poses rather than anything political.

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