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  1. Let me guess… He didn’t pay enough…🤔😒 ?
    I hate to ashame victims.
    But there is a Big difference between a person who didn’t ask anything; and a person who sexualizes itself and promotes its sexyness (/”heat”) and be surprised or overeacts if anything happens…

  2. It seems implied to me, but it’s not certain that he ever was in her house. I would say that if he knocked on the door and politely said, “I’d be happy to join you” and she called the cops and held him there that she isn’t a victim of any sort in that case (he’d be the victim).

    Now if he broke in and she’s escorting him out then there’s some degree of her being able to be considered a victim (degree depending entirely what he did after breaking in, though with him being the recurring character who’s often beat up by women and Megan’s phrasing I imagine it’s not the harshest degrees).

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