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        1. Recent comics have shown he’s earning them. Sophie’s been real territorial with him by sabotaging his dates and guilt-tripping him with his interactions with other women. Erika has been aggressively pursuing him, kissing him once for mistaking lettuce for mistletoe (twice non-canonically when the internet demanded it) and sneaking in his bed half-asleep some nights, even tied down. Seems like Erika, even in this comic has liked him since the beginning, but because of the “deal” (which he brought back up in a recent comic to his friend), he respects it and promised never to make a move on them, to Erika’s ire smacking Sophie for it. Time will tell if they decide the deal’s off and they get “down to business.”

  1. I’m doubtful that he actually died hence sofies face what likely happened was he was evicted then Erika laid down sprawled and Sofia traced her

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