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  1. Between this kind of behavior, and the other girl constantly bossing him around and having him go with her to places to help her take pictures and videos for her social media… I don’t know which of them acts more like his “wife”.

    They keep doing that much longer, and they’ll just get really possessive of him and won’t want him to hang out with other girls.

    1. Curse you!!!
      Now I can’t but imagine it as a totally freak-up manga love-triangle of… socially… ehrm,… Bah! You know what I mean.

  2. Well, he is the only male in their household, so he is the one , who should act up as one, in any situation, when the girls feel, they need one. Even if that means no more, than endure their unique logic. Also, Brian, it doesn’t give him naturally “benefits”, but if they want something, which is beneficial to him too, then he is not punishable for that!

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