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  1. Yeah, sorry, this one makes me laugh. For one, black people aren’t anywhere NEAR as bad off as they think they are and over 80% of African variant races deaths are caused by others of African variant descent.

    Besides which, Storm and Black Panther are much beloved in the superhero community, despite Haley Berry’s attempt to destroy the character.

  2. Next level: female GAY black mutant!
    Next level: female gay black VAMPIRE mutant!
    Next level: female gay black genderqueer vampire mutant (identifying as an australian male panda with autism)!

    1. People aren’t against autism, it’s just misunderstood. Can you honestly say that never in your life have you thought autistic people were just those ‘stupid’ nonverbal kids? You might still think that. Chances are you know someone who’s high functioning autistic. (Although that phrase is misleading because it sometimes prevents ‘high-functioning’ people from getting the help they need)

      1. The cutoff point for “high functioning autism” is actually astonishingly low. I used to think people with high functioning autism were like the software architect at work who seems to know pretty much everything about software, and very little about social interaction.

        But, no. “High functioning autism” is those of us with an IQ over 70. My coworker is high functioning, but so are most people with autism, including nigh everyone with autism who wasn’t diagnosed as having it.

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