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  1. Sort of true. how ones mind works is determined 40% by experience 40% by genetics and 20% by what you’re taught. Mrs green could have only 60% of her life working against her figure rather than all of it. :p

    1. Bullshit.the way you are taught accounts for 99.99 percent of how you think.at least if your parents have been pushing thousands year old books diwn your throat.just ask a religious person,any religious person

  2. This is definitely more true after the mid-twenties. Up to that point, girls (and guys) can coast on their youth. After that point though, your body, your metabolism, and your skin start changing and you have to work for it.

    Some guys and gals ARE genetically thinner and better looking than others though. And they also tend to have nicer sounding voices which go with the “better looking” genes too.

    That said, being in shape is more than just good for your looks, it’s great for your health too. Also, sleep is very important to for your health and looks. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep is vital to health and looking young.

    “Beauty Sleep” is not a myth.

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