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    1. SJW means “Social Justice Warrior”. And that’s not a positive term. They’re like Feminazis but not only against men, but against cisgendered, heterosexual, white males.

    2. What the other guy said. Social Justice Warrior is a term to denote “Alt-Left” liberals who basically are the prejudiced mirror to Alt-Right types, who basically cry foul any time they see any perceived injustice, no matter how small it might be, or even if it’s illusory and not there at all.

      In other words, they just like to get upset about things, particularly vs. conventional culture. It’s not about actual justice, it’s about self-righteous hate and even abuse of mainstream things.

      It’s often easy to see who’s that kind of person because they’re usually angry all the time, and always advocate violent threats and abuse against their targets, and are usually VERY rude and snotty. Basically, they’re total hypocrites, and you’ll often find yourself thinking, “They’re not really different from the right-wing hate groups.”

    3. SJW (Social justice warrior)
      People fighting in streets for right
      It’s against the ALT rights
      Those are in opposite who they dont want to be different of weird
      (Their target are no white people , handicapped persons , Jews and mulsumands ones etc)
      Ideological reasons
      They are worst that racist people

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