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    1. I completely get her point. Few things are as irritating for low-income taxpayers as beggars positioning themselves in an obvious “pity me or you’re a bad person” place, or choosing just that moment to beg. like all the beggars riding the subway. If you can afford to ride the subway, then wtf are you begging? And if you’re illigally using thge subway to beg, I’m not giving you anything, if i even used cash anymore! I pay rent, taxes and for other necessities. Thus I am alrdy giving money to the poor. if the goverment won’t spend my money to help these people, then they can go camp outside city hall and stop bugging me for a guilt trip. most of these beggars would just use the money for booze and drugs anyway. That’s why you give to charity, and not to indivdual beggars.

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