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    1. Nigga , if you wanna die ,say this to a woman ,’cause she gonna give sooo much explain till y’all getting confuse with other and probably ends in discussion

  1. If she only wants to feel attractive for herself, that would make her rather vain. Nothing wrong with feeling good about herself but I’m quite sure she mostly does it because she likes the attention.

    If she’s calling men perverts for staring at her cleavage, she’s either setting herself up for later humble bragging or won’t admit that the men staring at her aren’t her type. Either way, that is shitty behavior.

    Every man in the world likes to look at women they find sexy. It’s not perverted behavior and should never be shamed unless they’re doing something like staring obsessively while drooling all over the floor and fondling themselves.

    There’s a reason men are increasingly disinterested in dating.

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