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  1. Yeah, super nobody get offended man is going to be the hottest thing of the late 2010’s, until everyone realizes that it’s going to lead to the same generic predictable stuff that everyone else is doing, and then it’ll roll back to “just do what you want” again.

    I wish people would realize that their esoteric preferences shouldn’t be forced on other as some “moral right” and that if you don’t make things exactly the way they want it that you’re “prejudiced”. If I want to draw a thin blonde guy who isn’t gay, so what? And if I want to draw a chubby latino muslim? So what?

    It’s my art / writing / etc. I’m doing it for my own benefit. And if I’m doing it for pay, and they want something marketable, don’t blame me if everyone wants hot, muscular thin guys and gals that are totally not gender ambiguous. That’s what sells, and that’s because it’s what people want. And if a minority of the population doesn’t want that, they’re just being a bunch of hipsters that want companies to lose money and go broke, which is not good for those companies’ employees and their families.

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