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  1. Honestly, I like thinner girls so I think she got the better end of the deal. Plus, the bigger the girl is, the earlier sag happens, so she lucked out, imho.

    Flatter women age better. Busty women are nice up until their mid twenties, but when you get to 30+…

      1. Pretty much, its same for us, i don’t want abs because it will attract chicks, i just want to look like beowulf from fgo, and because i grew up watching dragon ball z.

        Its nice to love yourself for who you are tho, she could take that fake body positivity clara has, and use it, to make it genuine instead

  2. Thanks a lot Guys !
    Thanks to You and Jago, I’m beginning to accept myself and my body and to believe that any body is beautiful. (mine too even if I’m flat ^^’)

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