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  1. Any reboot without the original actors was a no-go for me, male or female actors. That said, why take a franchise with mostly male nerds as a fanbase and try to reboot it as a chick-flick?

    That’s like flushing your money down into the sewer, it’s a terrible business decision.

    1. In my opinion, the gender of the main characters has nothing to do with the fan backlash. The characters were poorly written, the story was shit and most of the jokes fell flat. If it was a good story with good writing, characters and genuine comedy, it would have at least been enjoyable if not a good GB movie. Now you have the same asshats going and blaming bigotry and “gamergate” for the recent Star Wars flops.

    2. Because a mostly heterosexual male nerd fanbase has interest in seeing women, and the original ghostbusters had a serious dearth of women. There were basically two named female characters, so you had to choose whether you liked the woman with the Queens accent, or the woman who slept three feet over her bed.

      But good news, this reboot did have at least one of the original actors. He just wasn’t in a particularly major role.

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