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  1. Honestly, at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the girls just kisses him to mess with him while he’s drunk. And then denies any such event. Just to mess with him.

    1. From all the exchanges with her past to present (2018), I’ve been calling her Poser Girl. Clara is Feminist Girl and Elly is Artist Girl. SJW Girl is too much a mouthful and Anime Girl sounds misleading (doesn’t help with how Elly looks either LOL). I think Megan is the closest we have to an actual antagonist in the series. Clara, to me, was always the anti-hero type. Friends with the cast, but still gets on their bad side with her antics (well-meaning or otherwise).

  2. Does Erika walk around with spare panties in her pocket? Of course not; arguably she’s not that great at remembering to wear the normal amount of clothes.

    Artur: “Gee… this hair-tie feels strangely warm on my neck, and has a strange, unfamiliar odor to it…”

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