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  1. I get this joke, but I actually play a lot of 3rd party games that never make it to Nintendo systems. Also, mainstream games are the ones most likely to make it to Nintendo consoles if they’re popular enough.

    That said, I always buy Nintendo’s handhelds. They make really good ones. Currently have the DS and 3DS XL right now. Used to have a GBA before I sold it. I don’t know if I’ll get a switch though, they don’t quite seem portable enough, and I like 2 screens.

  2. That’s why I choosen PC. Even IF I run out of games I like, there is always a hope if modding comunity putting something to mage games fresh.

  3. the dude is not wrong tho,

    have you seen how many good games DONT touch nitendo? i mean i was GBA lover all my life but now times have changed so BAD.

    I don’t know what nitendo is doing, but honestly when bloodborne was in PS favor, then we knew who would win this war.

  4. A fair share of game neve make it to consoles, tho i bias myself with my Play Station, and adore switch.

    Games like world of horror and such are very less likely to make it to the consoles, its nice to keep playing in the pc too if you feel like it, but that argument can be weak at times.

    Just respect your medium and others, i know for fact other than for fun, we gamers have really no need to clashing horns and butting heads.

    If anything, they end up agreeing on how cool a game is, and or how messed up anothet company was by end of discussiin

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