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  1. Regarding the subject matter: this is SO true. It’s as old as time. Even the American Revolution had a bunch of propoganda that was out of context or even flat out fabrications. The “Patriots” that fought for “American Freedom” for instance, often harassed or intimidated people and picked trivial fights that they were at fault for being the aggressors for.

    Even the “Boston Massacre” was just an accident that happened after a huge mob of people trapped some British soldiers and kept them from being able to leave or go home for HOURS all over some dispute over a bill for a wig.

    But the newspaper illustration showed totally innocent bystanders being shot deliberately by ruthless soldiers, when it was the soldiers who were the ones being harassed. Play Assassin’s Creed 3 for more details on how propaganda fills history books, even in the western world. Especially in childrens’ history books.

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