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  1. It’s not so much an “unrealistic standard of beauty” and more of a health risk. When your doctor says you’re overweight and should lose a few pounds and eat better or else your life will be at risk, you should listen to him / her.

    Besides, girls don’t like fat guys either. Especially since they really do have a lower life expectancy. It’s the same thing in reverse too. Last thing you need is your wife dying and leaving you a widower before you even hit 60.

    1. There are plenty of girls that like big guys.
      And why are usually losing weight is better for your health how you do it matters more than how much you lose.
      And just in terms of heart disease, an overweight person can have a heart attack just as often as people get joggers heart. Which is when unhealthy people do a lot of running and then drop dead even though they’re “fit”.

      1. That’s because men are just less likely to meet cardiac arrest due to storing fat, and the thing is woman like “Big” guys, all over, like big show and strongman, that is different than obesity.

        They have enough muscles that the fat becomes a valid part of body, to support those muscles.

        Obesity is different, having killing cellulite on a man’s body is bad for every one, if you are not healthy at all despite body shape, body type and lack of care are different things, should not be confused in any manner, or used as an excuse.

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