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  1. Trying to imagine what it’d look like if she had some ridiculously sized 20+x20+ bed. Would probably have it sectioned out into “Video Games”, “Video Games”, “Food”, “TV/consoles”.

      1. Yeah, if that kind of loneliness get her, she just go in Artur’s room, and sleep beside him – only going back to her room, when she wokes up morning, just a little bit earlier, than Artur.

        It would be interesting to see, how Artur looks, if he would be the one, who wakes up sooner… 😉

  2. Me hace gracia ver la sección de comentarios en inglés casi vacia comprada con la española./
    Its mekes me fun how the English section is almost empty compared with the Spanish one.

  3. → ← ↓ ↑ + punch, is meteo attack in dragon ball butoden 2
    Wonder if it’s a coincidence or an obscure reference

    1. Probably not, it looked like there was a drawing of someone going super Saiyan in the notepad

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