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  1. Yeah, it’s hypocritical and it’s sad. Same thing for race-changing. Apparently it’s only acceptable to race-change white people, and it’s only offensive when you race-change someone else to white, and not the other way around.

    I want to see a day when there’s REAL racial equality. No one complains about how most characters in Asia are Asian, or how characters in Hispanic countries are majority Hispanic. I’m not white by the way. Just hate double-standards.

    1. Asia doesn’t have an overabundance of white residents in their countries. Also Asia doesn’t have a history of changing white characters to Asian.

      Imagine if some Japanese film studio made a movie of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and changed the story so that King Arthur was actually of Japanese descent.

      1. I bet they do it all the time.

        I mean if they make a sketchy drawing of a guy Japanese see him Asian and Europeans white. They sometime add more details to make the people look distinctly caucassian.

        There are so many people asking why manga characters are all Eropeans when Japanese are drawing them 😛

      2. White people never changed or altered stories or background of characters either, and white countries also dont have much asians in them,

        Only United States and Canada as whole Does.

        They cast asians are asians and caucasians as caucasians, sad truth is people will accept if an asian, brown, black plays a white charactee, but the vice versa will never be accepted, ever.

        And i am not even white, this is plain sad.

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