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  1. Way to completely misunderstand the issue. The reason people act the way they do in the case of the panel on the right is because despite more and more people sharing the opinion on the left there just aren’t many good non-straight characters. They’re pretty rare hence why when LGBT folk do see them they get excited.

    Tl;dr you’re really good at taking issues out of context and removing all nuance from the discussion.

    1. ironically last bit could be applied on you as well, you’re really good at taking issues out of context and removing all nuance from the discussion, people can very much have a free will to antagonize something as much as they worship it, and your portrayal of LGBT is no different to be completely honest, the fact that it hurts you or other people is not even reponsibility of world, or moral standard of world.

      not to explain the comic, their sexuality does not matters in remote bit to us normal people if you guys need them to be gay, bi or lesbians to feel close to you, you guys were never part of normal in first place to be bluntly honest.

    2. To what kind people you’re romantically and/or sexually attracted is a romantical or sexual question. So it is pertinent to explicitly design gay characters if they appears in a romantical show or porn, to talk about such matter.
      I do not see what use it is to, let’s say, an action movie (whose purpose is to show flashy FX and cool actions scenes) to take half an hour to establish the romantical and/or sexual orientation of the characters, since it is not its purpose th explore such matter. At best, it is marketing trying to buzz on the internet because it is “gay friendly” ; at worse, it is cheap character personalization to mask the absence of really defining features.

      TL;DR : if all you have to point out a character is “It’s the gay !”, then said character’s gayness is useless and, dare I say, counter-productive to gay true acceptance cause.

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