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  1. Even though the left claims to be fighting for racial equality, they are actually causing racial tensions and driving a wedge in communities, claiming it to be about social justice and progress. Meanwhile, the real bigots are sitting back and watching these oversensitive self-righteous morons erase history and tear down half a century of racial progress.

      1. No concrete resource can trace either Stalin or Lenin (whom the phrase is usually quoted to) to this phrase, outside vague talks. First usage is a NYT article in 1948 about Italian politics.

        On the posts matter, 90% of what happens is acts of rage of people tired to death of being treated as lower-grade citizens. If you want to undo the wrongdoings of history, you have to replace it with the truth, and defend it.

        If anyone sees the matter as ‘PoC’ vs ‘white people’, their focus is long steered clear of the core of the society malaise and that is totally not in league with the left. The sieve of the world is money, not skin colour. If you’re poor, you’re damned. If you’re less poor, you’re less damned. If you’re riched, you’re blessed, and so on.

  2. I know it’s an important theme, and I don’t blame everyone that is talking about racism in these or Spanish comments… but how is it possible that no one has praised the magnificent ass in the second frame?

  3. Libertarian speaking, so none of this “you’re stumping for Trump” B.S.

    I find it funny that the Left created the K.K.K. and is now taking down “stereotypical depictions”, when in fact the brands that are being removed are being supported by the relatives of the people being depicted.

    Basically doing what they’ve always done and calling it “progress”.

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