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  1. Y es verdad, todo el mundo en la cual me incluyo pido al dibujante de que si me podría dibujar a mí, o ponerme en una de sus viñetas o o x personajes y eso al autor lo termina quemando al no ser que sea a cambio de dinero y a veces ni eso.

    Aunque yo le diría a la chica del cómic que la dibujaría a cambio de algo ya que tengo que comer xd.

  2. Come on, Mr. Jago, you had a nice day after all, you had her undivided attention and you had all day to charm her. That’s square three, where an average guy has to try hard even to start from square one.

    And considering that the ladies you draw usually wear so few clothes, most probably she doesn’t want to be drawn wearing a full hazmat suit… Add two glasses of champagne (“only as a scene, ofcourse, could you hold it please”), and you’re at square five.

    If that’s still not enough, just ask her if you should draw her *on* her. I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t find the idea tickling their fantasies…

    (And if it still doesn’t work, it’s never too late to go to a pub to chug a beer or two with friends, and still call it a day 😀 )

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