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  1. HAHAHAHA! So true! I definitely don’t wish it to any girl, but some girls rather keep making the same mistake with a bad guy than giving a good man a chance.

    1. Hey, at least Megan got away Shane.
      How many women do you suppose stick around with men like this because they think they can change them, hmm? Sometimes that “weakness for bad boys” becomes a fatal attraction (and I think that was the whole point of this particular installment).
      I’ll also confess that, while I think Megan is unbearably shallow and vapid, she is still a human being and seeing her getting roughed up like this brings me no joy at all (which I think was another point for this strip since quite a few other readers have expressed their disdain for Megan as well).

  2. Hopefully, Megan will mature. I don’t like her….okay, maybe I like her a little (her cute smile) but she will never know that from me! I don’t wish her downfall, I just wish she could be, “Ruth” to some guys, “Boaz”. She is not beyond salvation. She doesn’t need a nice boy. She needs a nice man.

  3. Well, it was either “Bad Boy” or his ridiculously jealous Girlfriend who puts up with his BS for some reason and takes out her frustration on the unsuspecting girls he “picks up”.

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