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    1. Si pero en el Odyssey hay un mundo a lo mexico con ambiente tipo mundo día de los muertos y los SJW salieron a decir que es racista hacia los mexicanos a pesar de que a ellos lesgustaba la representacion dada. Tipico de SJW.

      Yeah but in Mario Odyssey there is a world that is like a Mexico with day of the death ambience and the SJW started to say that it was racist towards mexicans even though the mexicans themselves liked the representation. Tipical SJW.

    1. I wonder how SJW could react to a pastiche of Kipling’s poem based on their fight… Would they be smart enough to understand the parallel (and maybe, in this ever optimistic world of mine, start questioning their deeds) or would they vocally approve at face value ?

  1. It’s true! The only morons who complain about this sort of thing are the SJW. I love Speedy Gonzalez. And, yes… I am Mexican.

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