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  1. The Apostle and Evangelist is named John in English, though, not Juan. It’s a miniscule nitpick that probably few are going to bother with, I know… good one, nonetheless.

    And those SIGNS! 😀

    1. I’ve learned to shrug off small things. English isn’t his primary language. So sometimes the English comics have grammar errors or the like. It’s better than having to type in and google each speech bubble! I’m happy that he thinks about his English audience.

      1. True, but he might find it good for later to be aware of the books of the Bible having different names in different languages; some such titles have no resemblance to one another in different languages – and none of them resemble the names in the original languages’ alphabets. 😛

        And yes, I quite agree, I’ve not picked at something so insignificant as a grammatical inaccuracy, the meaning is generally well conveyed as it is.

        And again, those signs on the wall… *Snicker*

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