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  1. They’ve already had three black alternate-universe versions of Superman. My favourite is Calvin Ellis (get it? Kal-el?), whose civilian identity is the POTUS and has to wrestle with the fact that he’s trying to do the most good he can, but is an illegitimate president because he’s not actually an American but an illegal alien.

  2. Well, on Sophie going to voice of reason … in modern era you can be more hipster by not being part of lunatic leftist mob

    1. “I came back to my sense in 2019, wayyy before it went mainstream one century later and humankind decided the last cultural cancelling would be all the work from the SJW!” 😀

  3. SJW true is cross the line. However, they are succeed when people hate SJW so much are starting to against it from a extreme way.
    The truth is, black people doesn’t ask for blackwash famous white skin characters. They ask for equal education and same treatment by police. Not like now we can identify the skin color by read the news which said a woman strike a cop and take his car then hit three people and never get shot.
    The propaganda officers want people to believe that black people blackwash your favourite characters and want you to against them. So you can spend your time on it rather than care about why the hell there are so many dies during covid-19 when China have much higher number of population and why less dead. Remove your focus on what’s the truth of Mayer of new York. And such things.

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