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  1. Yeah… I saw some reports about some Twits, (of course), complaining that the two underage boys in Luca weren’t gay for each-other.
    Freaking Pedos….

  2. I haven’t seen the movie in question, but, having just read a rough outline of the plot (I don’t care about spoilers, but won’t give any), this is just an egregious lie. It’s would be more accurate to say the Elsa and Anna wanted to make out with each other, despite being sisters, simply because Frozen’s Plot actually brings up the love between them. And that’s completely missing the entire point of the end of the first Frozen movie.

    So I’m assuming that some Feminist Groups who just want to fiddle themselves and disparage males, while not caring about reality or others just decided that the plot was about two boys being horny for each other well before the movie came out, and ignored everything in the actual movie that didn’t match with their chosen decisions.

  3. Already mentioned in Sweeper’s comment a couple above yours. You can see a blurred copy of the movie poster in panel 1, and the title character is being force-fed a “rainbow” in panel 2.

  4. I personally believe that, unless the author says what is a correct interpretation, as long as you can support it with logical evidence, every interpretation is correct.

    1. Trick is, the director openly denied the subtext and hidden underlying interpretations. It’s a movie about friendship.

      Sometimes blue drapes mean that the drapes were colored blue, not the symbol of political repressions.

  5. Who the heck ever thought those kids were gay? It’s a movie about two young boys and their misadventures, are they going to start saying there’s sexual tension between the elf and the dwarf from LotR now?

  6. *sigh*

    Because friendship between boys and men just plain can’t happen without homosexual undertones, right? Damn socjus activists just gotta make it about them.

    Brilliantly done, as usual, Jago. You really do nail most of these social commentary pieces.

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