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  1. I saw the Spanish version of this before the English translation came up, and thought the implications were funny enough. Actually being able to read it made it all the funnier, though.

    1. You are correct, he wanted “guys.” “Hey, guys! What’s up?!” or “How are you guys doing?”

      1. I thought so to, but I looked it up before commenting on it. Apparently, “gusy” is one of those “gender neutralised” terms that nobody actually uses, excusing a few people who feel directly offended by the being called “guys”, in order to replace the use of the word “guys” in multi-gender, female only, or gender dysphoric individuals.

        I only know this due to looking it up, just in case Jago knew what he was doing. It is literally the first, and probably only, time I have ever heard of it, and I doubt that it would catch on in wider conversational use (outside of the few who actively force their desire for it to be used on them onto others), due to the relative complexity in English of replacing the one syllable word “Guys” with the two syllable “Gusy”.

        1. Whack. I read “gusy” and hear “gussy” for like when do their makeup. Which I guess is the point. Thanks, though we’ll probably never see it used again.

  2. Most of the time it’s good to have a wingman who will help you ‘seal the deal’ with a lady, but sometimes having an anti-wingman to keep you from hooking up is just as important.

  3. You can say that again!!

    In Megan case, she is mostly a gold digger, so Arthur is dodging a bullet here.

  4. Interesting how Megan ignores him during highschool and now wants him because two other girls do. Dodged a bullet there.

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