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    1. Hi, I’m a man. All my phones I’ve had have had at least one crack in them, including my current one. Hell, one time a phone got wet and I didn’t have any rice to fix it. Smacking it wasn’t working, so I did the clearly not regrettable thing of tossing it on the ground.

      The screen shattered into pieces.

      I wasn’t thinking very clearly.

  1. “Relax it’s an iPhone” WTF?! Doesn’t Jago know that they are for more delicate and prone to scratching then other devices? 😉

  2. I’d suggest having protective casing, and learning that modern phones aint nokia 3310’s (or other old style nokias, which could withstand even being thrown onto walls, my bets case example being that wall had ~3cm deep dent and phone had not even scratches on it:D)

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