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  1. Nice, now the strip has TWO THOTS
    Megan – The tease (and attention seeker)
    And now
    Jenny the stipulator (I only date men who’re 6 foot and taller)

  2. Wait… MEN imposing high standards of beauty? From what I’ve seen, (straight) men’s standards for women’s appearance range from “Not willing to touch that” through “Not my type” to the greatest heights of “I’d hit that, if she’s willing”. Sure, there’s a lot of potential range for those, and how they’re conveyed, but the only thing really dictated is whether or not the guy in question would happily jump into the bedroom.

    Women, on the other hand, have standards of with all the variance of “oh god, that dress”, “she’s definitely put on a few pounds”, at least two, and probably more, versions of “what did she do with her hair”, and dozens of different variations on what can be simplified down to “she’s pretty/beautiful”, each with their own connotations, some positive while others are negative. Hell, the term “she dressed up for the occasion” alone can mean a nearly a dozen different things based on the situation and how the person speaking vocalises the words.

    And that’s ignoring the fact that there’s a standard for what female beauty is (large chest, wide hips, thin), while not really one for guys. The closest I know about guys joining into things like that is literally taking knowledge and product’s from things like the women’s skin care routines to utilise on themselves.

    TLDR: From what I’ve seen, men don’t impose high standards of beauty onto women, women do that to themselves. Straight men are usually happy to benefit from the women imposing the high standards, but only rarely contribute, especially in any substantial manner, beyond “appreciation” for the “benefits” or joining in themselves to improve their own levels of beauty.

    1. While this constitutes a fair assessment on the views of both sexes on how they convey themselves in terms of appearances, are you able to confirm your findings based upon first-hand testimony from both males and females and/or university-based research?

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