21 comentarios en “Living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 500 english”

  1. I would’ve loved to see Sophie confess her feelings to Artur. All the same, Artur creampieing Clara makes a great 500th comic as well.

  2. Yeah, just wanna mention here, due to past comments I’ve seen about SJWs in relation to…..SJW Parody girl(I’m so sorry, I forgot her name), don’t kill SJWs. Heck, don’t kill people, period.

    However, given that people deal with neoNazis in America by throwing milkshakes at them, safe to say throwing a cream pie(HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA FUGGIN PUNS) at them is…well, it’s safer, obviously.

    Man, that takes me back to Nickelodeon shows using whipped cream pies for jokes.

  3. Treating Clara as the clown she is, is perfect for an event fourth wall breaking page like this one. Anything between Artur, Sophie and Erika should happen in pages where it’s assumed their character’s will remember everything that happens.

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